Real Estate and Construction Industry Leadership Awards

REALTY QUARTER celebrate the highest achievements done by the companies & individuals serving the real estate sector & construction industry. The awards recognize and salute to the excellence and commitment practicing in the industry. Objective of these awards is to promote highest level of professionalism, provide benchmark for best practices, raise industry standards, reinforce the value and confidence.

REALTY QUARTER announced the 2nd Edition of Real Estate and Construction Industry Leadership Awards 2019. The Real Estate and Construction Industry awards 2019 consists of entities engaged in business with the REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. These companies are the value adders to the mainstream, front-end construction and engineering aspects while operating behind the scenes.

The Categories of the Real Estate and Construction Industry Leadership Awards 2019 includes

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Builders and Develooers
  • Real Estate Marketing Company
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineering, and Construction Companies
  • Architects etc.

REALTY QUARTER Presents Real Estate & Construction Industry Leadership Awards 2019 recognizes & rewards the best in this space. Most innovative performers with proven track record in excellence in Innovation, Business Acumen, and Technological lead will be rewarded and be known conspicuously in the current challenging and competitive market. In order to identify & award such companies and individuals. The REALTY QUARTER Awards has set up a panel of judges with more than 100 years of combined experience in these diverse sectors associated with Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Construction. REALTY QUARTER Awards offer a unique platform in the media space to the awardees to network and create value.

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Real Estate Industry conference On “Reforms Re-defining the Real Estate in India”

Realty Quarter presents its 2 nd Edition of Real Estate & Construction Industry Awards 2018 and aims to be the most informative platform. The Conference will bring some exemplary thought of leaders and dynamic personalities who with their experiences and expertise will analyze the opportunities & challenges in the sector. Make us understand the best way to deal with strategies.


  • Biggest platform for networking with the industry leaders
  • Innovative ideas from the people who are the driving force in the industry
  • Extensive media coverage (print media & satellite media)
  • Best platform to showcase your achievements and projects
  • Indentify creating new clusters of global activities
  • Awards distribution
  • Felicitation
  • Glorified event

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